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Sun, 13 Sep 1998 15:54:56 EDT

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<< Going over some of the report a little deeper, I think I can
conclude that 1) ML is absolutely a real life Glenn Close, and
2) if she hadn't received immunity, they could clearly make
a very good case for blackmail and extortion against her.
I can now understand some of Clinton's comments. For
instance when he told Feinstein that ML was stalking
him, she was. It seems she was the one who brought up
the job and threatened to go public over the affair. It
also seems that she has the emotional maturity of an 8 year old.
'That Woman' certainly has some severe mental problems.
Also, when the person in the famous monica and bill video
footage said he was responsible for keeping her away from the
president, he was telling the truth. She used to show up 2 hours
early just to get a front line position on the ropes so
she could see him again. What a snafu.


Oh right, Clinton the victim. She was young and immature but I don't think
she was psycho. And if she was, then our illustrious President put himself in
a vulnerable position with a psycho many, many, many times.

At least Monica was forthcoming (no pun) with her testimony. If Clinton was,
he'd probably say things like "When I wasn't in the mood I avoided her, but
when I wanted it I told her what she wanted to hear." Monica testified in a
manner that is consistent with truthtelling; it doesn't always make you look

I'd read it again, Greg. A highly influential Presidential five minutes
expended on finding a job for someone just because you like the way she rolls
your cigars is still too much time. It's sex for promise of jobs (in her mind
maybe, but that's why the laws are so strict re sexual harassment) or jobs for
silence about sex (same same).

Go ahead and malign Monica. It doesn't make the President any less guilty. In
fact, the worse she looks, the worse he looks. At best, he put himself and
his office in harm's way. Unless he's stupid as all get out, which I'm
beginning to believe, he knew this every time he invited her into his study.
Stupidity as a defense . . . it just might work.


PS Don't you love this juxtaposition:
Overseas Clinton "apology" last week: "What I did was indefensible."
Stateside Clinton "apology" this week: "We are going to launch a vigorous
defense . . ."