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Steve Nordquist (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:36:59 -0500

Tom Whore wrote:


TA for AAs. My major complaint is that I'd managed to stumble intothe
premiere of some series when there was an 'okay, B!' wipe and there
in a completely different matte is the personal representative of the
budget surplus, with no soundtrack.

If the press had any dignity at all, they would have played 'Why can't
I Be You' by The Cure, or 'I Want it All' (Queen) or heck, 'Be Well and
be Normal' from Sabre Marionette J. The moment you stop messing
with the hero and focusing on one event ...etcetera.

> Maytag anyone:)-
> "a service contract, that all I did was perform oral sex on him and that
> that's all that this relationship was. And it was a lot more than that to
> me . . . ." Lewinsky 8/20/98 GJ at 54. See also id. at 53-56, 102-104.

See, now I won't be able to use my style manuals for a month....