Total Disclaimer

Jeff Bone (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 18:58:44 -0500

After the last couple of days of discussion, I feel it's necessary for
me to come clean. I *never, never* thought I'd be in the position of
"Clinton apologist." I don't particularly like the guy --- at very
best, I view him as some kind of horribly flawed character in a really
off-color Shakespearean tragicomedy. I didn't vote for the guy --- not
either time. Here's the amazing irony: in both of the last two
elections, I voted for Perot, not because I thought he'd make a
particularly good president, but because I thought (a) it'd be a good
vote for third-party presence in general, but mostly because (b) I
thought he'd be "more entertaining." BWAAA HAHAHA!

IMHO, if we've *just got to* have the kind of government we've got, well
then... the best kind of president to have is a totally ineffective
one; the best congress is a deadlocked one; and the best federal gov't
is one that's been shut down. Viva "bread and circuses," viva
controversy. Keep the masses busy, keep them entertained, keep the
government in a state of total political "wedgie," and keep the wheels
of industry greased. That is all.


Stirring the pot,