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> << The county vet has examined the photographs of the cows and determined the
> animals suffered both physical and psychological damage, TT said.
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> Hold on: He determined from the photographs that the cows suffered
> psychological damage? I need more information. My labrador isn't very
> photogenic and I don't want to be brought up on some sort of weirdo labophelia
> charges.

I was going to counter with a story about
a British man who masturbated a dophin in
order to keep it from paying attention to other
'tourists' at a warm water resort, but then I
found a WWW page on the history of zoophilia and the law.

Those crazy europeans....

We will now go on to a few of the reported cases. We must remember here
that Europe was completely
dependent on agriculture and opportunities were avilable to all and
taken by many more than were ever
caught. In winter, the animals lived in the lower part of the house and
the people in the upper part in
order that the animals could provide a rudimentary form of heating and
be safe from hungry wolves. It is
easy to imagine a lonely farmer choosing to warm himelf by seeking "body
warmth" from his horse.

In many non-European cultures, sexual acts between humans and animals
were never taboo. They
were, for instance, not punished or even considered socialy unacceptable
among Hopi Indians and
Kupfer Eskimos in America or among the Kusaia and Masai Tribes in
Africa. Indeed, it has been
reported that Masai adolescents frequently used donkeys as a sexual
outlet. In Peru, Dr. Francisco
Guerra found that no less than six percent of the jugs used by the
native indians contained bestiality
motifs, as opposed to the three percent which depicted homosexuality.
The rest were concerned with
hetrosexual sex cts, oral, anal, etc..