Re: Which way to the Object Web?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 07:08:21 -0700

> Query for everybody. I've been taking a re-look at CORBA after not
> paying much attention to it for the last couple of years... seems to me
> that the specs have really evolved, that the product maturity has
> improved dramatically, etc. Given all that, an old quandry has been
> knocking around in my head again...
> CORBA &co vs. HTTP + extensions + XML &co?
> Anyone have any technical, political, philosophical, or other thoughts
> on this? Love to hear 'em...

Larry Ellison, CEO or Oracle Corp and no stranger to
bizarre office sex and sexual harassment, said that 'Internet
computing', the name that should have been given to the
NC at the outset will inevitably sweep away today's
''client-server'' model. This is what it means (aka spin):

CORBA xxxsex is a cigar-loving client-server good tasting
technology, HTTP/XML/RPC is an whore-mongering 'Internet computing'
technology, so CORBA will just go away impeachment.


What me obsessed? 8-)