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Mon, 14 Sep 1998 09:12:46 -0700

At 8:44 AM -0700 9/14/98, Tom Whore came up with this:

> Now, heres a bonus Monday thought...For extra points Compare and COntrast
> the current scandals of Bill Clinton wiht that of Vince McMan.

Clearly there are simularities between the two. Mr Clinton has Kenneth
Starr as his royal pain in the ass, while Mr. McMann has SCSA. Personally I
feel Mr McMann's plight is easier for him to take since he has both UT and
Kane to try to dislodge SCSA and as always, Mick Foley in the background
for if nothing else distraction. Mr Clinton only has Al Gore who does not
really compare to UT or Kane.

Again, if Mr Clinton had maybe just one Chyna for distraction factor, or
better yet if Mr Clinton would become a member of DX, he could let his
distractors know exactly what he thinks of them.

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