Re: Salon exposes Henry Hyde's affair 30 yrs ago
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 17:39:13 EDT

Oh, Joe . . .

You know that mirror you thought was a mirror? Alan's been in on it from the
beginning. Ha!

Now that you know, what's with those 5-inch MSFT letters on your back? They
look like they were branded into you with a hot poker.


In a message dated 98-09-16 17:11:17 EDT, you write:

<< > even have the benefit of having an affair with someone powerful (unless
> count my sexual fantasies of Alan Greenspan).

Back off, b*tch. Alan is MINE. Hear that?

Alan, me, and an empty loft except for Wall Street Journals lining the
floor. As the afternoon passes, the newspaper ink bleeds off the pages and
onto our hot sweaty bodies...

Or... hmm... I wonder if he works late at night, getting unexpected phone

- Joe >>