Thu, 17 Sep 1998 15:48:22 EDT


Why pay for it when you can get this kind of publicity for free? Salon, a
fringey San Francisco e-zine, is catapulted overnight into the mainstream

CNN Talk Back, today: Talbot - the purveyor of Paglia, Horowitz and other
creative thinkers* - defends posting the Hyde story in Salon magazine. "We
pay no one for their stories - we're not a tabloid," he claims. Never mind
that the mainstream press rejected the Hyde story, partially because of its
stilted-husband perspective. Being "independent," Salon is free to print
whatever it wants.

My favorite recent Salon spin: Chris Matthews pushes his Catholic agenda on
his Hardball audience.


PS looks like Intel - 3com merger is off.

* opiners with 5-star vocabs