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<< -> -Kenneth Starr, 1987, interview with Dianne Sawyer - 60 minutes >>

Ideals Vs. Duty, 1987
Do you have anything more recent, you know, like *after* Starr took an oath of
office that might be in conflict with his personal beliefs? That's 11 years

Hypocricy Meets Irony, 1998
I have some very recent information that the President signed a sexual
harassment law into being, ostensibly to garner feminist votes. He publicly
deplored the very acts he committed, not over 60 minutes, but over an 18-month
period. Those acts became illegal by very law he signed.

Seems like the Clintonistas have to dig way back in the political pleistocene
to find inconsistencies (not lies under oath) to counterweight the President's
"activities." I hope your carbon-dating tools are accurate.


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