Re: No smoking gun!!!
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 13:57:24 EDT

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<< The perjury issue comes down to a vote of confidence between
witnesses; one, a lovesick, manipulative young woman who has tremendous
credibility issues, the other the President of the United States.
Subornation of perjury appears to be purely fictitious. The obstruction
of justice relates primarily to the handling of evidence --- and if that
was done at all, it was apparently on the initiative of Monica, without
his immediate direction. And abuse of power looks ludicrous in the face
of this testimony. >>

I hate doing this (I really really do) but I agree with you. The President
came off looking so good that I had to wonder if this is what the White House
planned all along. The Starr team came off looking petty. So the President
was evasive; he seemed to have good reason.

All along I expected something monumental to come of this, that there would be
some clear-cut wrongdoing proved. Nada, nothing, just your everyday CYA.