Re: Where's the home page for my TV, radio?

Nelson Minar (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 17:00:18 -0400

>Which makes me wonder -- why isn't there a "home station" on TVs and radios,
>such that when I turn on my TV or radio, it goes to a "portal" station.

We have one on cable TV: "Prevue tonight". At least in this market,
it's a really obnoxious thing. Half the screen is a schedule of shows,
the other half is a series of really loud, flashy, 10 second
advertisements (blipverts?). My TV doesn't go there in the first
place, but I know it's channel 59.

DSS has a much nicer version of a directory - interactive and all. The
ones I've seen don't carry ads, although I suspect that's an oversite.

BTW, cable TV sucks here but the cable modem is fantastic.