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> blame baisley

You're too kind. Much as I would like to take the credit for the worldwide
surge in anagrams' popularity (with its recent rise to 97% of the approval
rating for Squash with ketoprofen and gin), William Tunstall-Pedoe ("I am
polite and lust well") is the king of Britainagrams. His list at also includes :

"Camilla Parker Bowles"="I'm Palace balls-worker"
"First Lord of the Treasury"="Destroyer of frail truths"
"Linford Christie"="Find her clitoris"
"Michael Portillo"="A cool limp Hitler"
"Scottish National Party"="Oh nasty tartan politics"

On the other foot, my page at with anagrams of "We
understand the technology and how to make it work for you!", a marketing phrase
my brother hates, did win the BigWeenie's Wurst of the Web Award. Big whoop.

Other essential sites:

Wayne "Dances With Vowels" Baisley

Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind = Ditch the gown. Greet William T.
The monkeys write ... The New York Times