Re: Where's the home page for my TV, radio?

Terence Sin (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:17:26 +0500

> Ive been using a TvTuner card as my main TV viewing device these days.
> Included with the software that I can install for it is a version of
> WEBTV that links my tv tuner and a TV Guide type service and the web. When

Konvergenz, here we come. <g>

One of the feature in WebTV that really impresses me is the channel
guide. I'm reminded of the ability to navigate the schedule grid and
scroll ahead into future timeslots at my own pace everytime I have to
suffer through the non-interactive cable version of the same thing.
Also, in the WebTV version, the still-image ad with the squished audio
signal is replaced with a live shot of the channel you've currently
selected on the grid. Tres cool way to channel surf.

Does anyone know if you can mark a show off the schedule grid in WebTV
and queue it up for alarm reminder?

ps. tuner-card boy, have you ever tried the data over VBI client that
comes with Win98? Supposedly data gets pumped through the VBI of the
PBS channel. What data, I don't know.