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Fri, 02 Oct 1998 11:03:45 -0400

I now seem to get a recruiting spam every day. Note this isn't because I'=
"good" or any such thing. <smile> I doubt many actually look at my bio/cv=
I'm just on some sort of list cause my email list is on the W3C or MIT si=

I spoke to someone last weekend in Boston who left his company based in t=
Bay area and was trying to figure out where to locate his startup. His ma=
concern was where could he get engineers/techies?

Rabid marketplace really.

Forwarded Text ----
Since your address was listed on a documentation management=20
web site, I was hoping you could help=20
I represent a market leader in the design, development and=20
manufacturing of cardiac rhythm management devices located=20
in the Midwest . We are seeking a Business Analyst/Document=20
Management Expert to be part of a cross-functional team, represent=20
one or more internal customers, to design and implement new=20
and improve existing EDMS functionality. Individual will provide=20
support to Drafting, Engineering and/or Manufacturing.
Bachelor=92s degree with a with hands on experience in Product=20
Data Management and product documentation processes is=20
required .Hands on experience with PDM tools such as Metaphase,=20
Sherpa, etc. is a plus.
I can offer a competitive salary ($70,000) and comprehensive=20
benefits, including relocation assistance and outstanding security=20
and growth.
If you know someone that would be interested please forward=20
this to them or I can be contacted:
Larry Chiaravallo
Voice: (609) 584-9000 ext 216
Fax: (609) 584-9575
End Forwarded Text ----


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