Re: generating impressions

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Fri, 03 Sep 1999 17:07:51 -0500

sillyhead wrote:

> Talk about having too much free time!! (;

Let's not.

> What can you do with Cynthia J Dale?

Hmmm, a bunch about drugs and jail and juvenile delinquency. And bouts with
religion and technology.

Acidly heat NJ.
Analytic JD, eh?
Any haj delict?
Cathy: LAN-Jedi
City had j-elan.
CJ Litanyhead
Clean, tidy haj
Client had jay.
Hale, dainty CJ
Handy jail, etc.
Hi, adjacently
Ideal NJ yacht
I'd "jay" the clan.
I hate Dylan -- C.J.
Inject lady -- Ha!
Intel CYA hadj
Itchy jean lad
Jacinthe Lady
Jailed thy can.
Jay held antic.
Jay lanced hit.
Jihad latency
Jilt Andy, ache.
Lacy jade hint
Lady Jane itch
NJ, daylit ache
The DA. Jail. NYC.
The jail candy
Ya chat line JD!