Welcome, Tom Stewart & Udhay Shankar

Rohit Khare (rohit@4k-associates.com)
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 11:58:10 -0700

(No Subject) seems so appropriate for FoRK, don't you think?

And the question is in fact, can you *eat* a fork... preferably the
marzipan sort.

And we don't say 'associated with' around here: that's business, as
in 4K Associates -- it's pronounced AH2 N IH2 N D AY1 T AH0 D K OW1 K
AH0 N S P IH1 R AH0 T ER0 (*)

And yes, you *are* a crypto-Bolshevik because I'd damn well like to
get back to graduate research if this stinkin' bubble would just
collapse. As it is, people seem to value Jag XJ-Rs over the menial
grad student freedom to get up at the crack of noon, hand in a few
pages of paperwork, drive down 20 minutes to one of America's finest
beaches, and piss away the afternoon reading the Journal by the surf,
only to turn around, buy a new car cd player (hey, even the
proletariat is speculating now!) hit the gym, hit on management
consultants, go clubbing , hit on girls a third your size, and stay
up all night philosophizing at dive Thai bars in Hollywood. NOSIREE,
I don't see people valuing the fringe bennies properly these days.
See http://www.clubcherry.net/ and

And just because you've seen inside the sanctum sanctorum, the ICS2
Brain Trust Worldwide Command Post and Quake Deathmatch War Room,
doesn't mean you're getting off of what fellow inductee Udhay Shankar
most fears:

>BTW, I've been planning to sign up for FoRK one of these days. The only
>thing that's giving me pause is the habit of flaming newbies to a crisp
>that I hear is part of the initiation process there. It still sounds
>like fun, though...:-)

Go check out http://www.graycell.com and see if it's isomorphic to
greenbacks. So long as they don't get WAPped on the head... speaking
of which, maybe we shouldn't haze these folks: just assign them to
interpret the next six Norquistposts...

Rohit Khare

(*) See
t/README for the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary decoding keys...

>From: ThosStew@aol.com
>Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 08:56:57 EDT
>Subject: No Subject
>To: fork-request@xent.com
>Since I eat with a fork, I might as well think with one, too. When not eating
>I write for Fortune, where I am a columnist and a member of the Board of
>Editors, a meaningless honorific. I wrote Intellectual Capital: The New
>Wealth of Organizations. I've met Rohit. Bolcer. Others associated with this
>list. They're smart. I've been called a "crypto-Bolshevik" because I like
>high stock prices. Go figure.
>Tom Stewart