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List convergence always cracks me up. In a post on IRR, Udhay
writes about a pointer to slashdot about the UCLA anniversary. [1]
My favorite two paragraphs: deregulations of the Internet
domain namespace, non-ownership of industry standards, and
wireless passing up DSL.

On another note, FoRK is good for generating a shared understanding
without multiple forwarding of news items. It'd be intersting to have
a that you could check off any number of lists and see which
members are on which lists and what posts and news items they've probably
seen before. I wish they had something like that years ago for AOL
users (sorry Tom). I would have save hours upon hours deleting Nordstrom's
cookie recipes and bad jokes.


Everyone on the panel was in good spirits and took some gentle
jabs from the moderator. When the moderator made a joke
about the justice department's crackdown on Microsoft, the
representatives of Microsoft and AOL both praised the low
regulation of the industry thus far and accredited their rapid and
extreme growth with the "hands off" policy of the U.S.
government. They also stated their support for ICANN and the
deregulation of the Internet's domain namespace.

In response to a question about the growth of Cisco, Christine
Hemrick praised openness and non-ownership of industry
standards like TCP/IP. Since no one owned TCP/IP, she said,
anyone could start a company that based their communications
on that protocol. The moderator asked several questions about
bringing broadband into the home, and whether cable or DSL
would be the key technology. Ms. Hemrick stressed that
wireless technologies might surpass the capabilities and
availability of cable and DSL very soon, which was a good thing
to hear.

Sally Khudairi wrote:
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