isiloDOS.exe error?

NrrrdBoy (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 14:37:59 -0400

At first I couldn't get the dos-converter to work. I can get it to work with
isilo32.exe, but then it invokes a GUI and I can't specify the options.

GETNEWS.BAT iSilo.prc isilodos.exe
files isilo32.exe nytimes.html

D:\winapps\isilo>isilodos.exe D:\winapps\isilo\nytimes.html

Source : D:\winapps\isilo\nytimes.html
Destination : D:\winapps\isilo\nytimes.PDB
Title : nytimes

Hit <ESC> to cancel...
Error: Failed to open source file D:\winapps\isilo\nytimes.html


I then realized that since its DOS, it needs short files names. Got it
working for a single page. However, I realized it is not possible to read
links off site right, only to internal fragment IDs? You may want to make
that clearer in your documentation.

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