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Hey Tee,
Other than knowing several webmasters that say how easy it is to get
rich doing porn sites, my only experience is with the software side.
Given that, here's my view of how I would do it.

There are several ways to get started based on how technical you are.
One of the biggest problems I would suppose is finding original, copyritable content.
In order to figure out your bandwidth requirements, you have to estimate
how big a site are you going to have, what features, how you are going to
market it, who's your target audience, how often will it get updated, etc.

If you have a wealth of copyrightable content, then all you need to do is
to approach several of the existing sites to license your material. Typical
licensing deals involve some type of up front and royalties. As some type
of porn has a half-life, i.e. the "fresh face" problem. Given this an given
the fact that your material will eventually end up on a lot of copied sites
without your permission, you may want up to half of payment up front. Depending
on the quality, you can price your stuff anywhere from $1-$5/picture and ask
for royalties from the whole site for 10-30% if it's part of a collection
for up to 50% if it's the featured content for some agreed upon time frame.

The other way is to be the licensee or content creator. To be a licensee,
you have to be connected in some way to pay sites. Approach them with a deal.
They typically look at your hits per month to determine a 1-3% click through
rate to get back to their site and a 1-3% of those click throughs will actually
sign up. So for instance, if your site gets 1000 hits per month and has a banner
ad for some premium pay sight. They will give you some content per month as
a pre-advertising site. You use that to draw up your hits by offering free content,
an feature the banner prominently on your site. If 30 people click through to
their site out of 1000, and they get maybe 2 or 3 people to sign up at $10/month,
then they've made approximately $180 (6 months x 3 users). Your take of that
is probably $60. There's probably easier ways to make $60, but if you are enterprising,
you can make deals with 30 or 40 sites easily, and the percentage you can ask
for goes up with the number of hits that you get. If your site grows to 5000 hits
plus you have 12 deals with sites, plus you have a nice looking site with daily
updates, fresh content and a growing subscriber base, you can easily make $6k/month
working part time. It's a difficult task an takes a lot of time.

Another business model is to be a content creator. Identify your target market,
and cater to a specific predilection. What is it about your site that nobody else
can copy, what is your site the best at? The easiest answer is of course amateur porn.
If you and your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, whatever, want to provide amateur
pictures, there are people willing to pay to see 'real people' sitting around nekid.
This spans the spectrum from having a hidden camera in your bedroom that you stream
live video from and you keep some of the best shots lying around on the site to
just taking timely photos. You have to have the right selling angle too. Why is
your content better than any other content on the Web? To market your site, you
need to register with all the search engines with a unique phrase, you could even
register with RealNames with your 'brand name' of the type of porn you are supplying.

One thing to remember, whether it's a porn site or not, is that interactivity
really sells. For instance, if you remember all the fish cams, bird cams, USC robotics
lab cam, you either had growing, unpredictable content or immediate interactivity.
What are some of the value-added services that your sight should provide? Chat?
Message boards? What is your privacy policy? Can you vote for the best picture
of the day? Of the week? Do you post others comments about your site? Are you part
of a web ring that cross-markets with banner ads to all the same revenue generating sites?
Can users post their own porn?

I would say, you want to create a site that once started, generally runs itself.
That would include a top 50 something, i.e. 50 links off to your licensors, a free
pics area, a voting area, a user posting area. I would put the user pic area up
in such a way that users submit a list of image files an you automatically layout
the page in a really nice format, but let them pick stupid stuff like fonts, colors,
background images, etc. and then let them decide which pictures go in their free
area and which go in their pay area. I'd set it up so that it automatically generates
the thumbnails and use either iCat or Millicent to process a per-picture charge of
$1-5 rather than a monthly access fee, although a monthly access fee makes the users
come back, if you don't support fresh content, you will lose links in the longer run.
Advertise the hell out of it on all the computer gaming sites.

Doing it this way, the site pretty much runs itself and you can go off and do
something more productive with your life than spending all day managing porn.

Good luck,

Greg wrote:
> hello i really do not want to bother you i just want to ask you a question i
> am a 21 year old male and i really am interested in doing porn i was
> wondering if you had any information that may help me to get in the industry
> is so will you please tell me i will be so grateful to you thanks
> Tee

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