Zoe's tuneful dinosaur

(no name) ((no email))
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 10:14:30 -0500

Torturing the Odd Rodent, because he asked for it.

Adulterous Zen fusion
Denizen of tour's luaus
Feels around unto Uzis
Found zero nautiluses.
Freud's zealous In-N-Out (What a Burgher!)
Fund zealous routines.
Futz around, issue "Noel" (Apache release around Christmastime?)
I fed Uranus loose nutz.
Insulates ouzo funder.
Loud as fourteen Zun~is.
Louder Suez fountains
Nefarious Zonules, Utd. (Time Bandits! Houligans!)
Notarized, so unuseful.
Outdoes Influenza 'R' Us.
Red Isuzu -- Noone's fault?
Redolent of Isuzu anus (Sounds exhausting)
Rousin' stone deaf Zulu.
Rude, not-so-useful Nazi (I s'pose I should stop here)
Run out of "sensualized".
Runs, dozes on fauteuil.
Serious fun? Unto Zelda! (Where he really spends his time)
Sleazo, unsuited for U.N.
Suzie soon fraudulent
Tofu's unrealized onus
Treasonous Zulu fiend
Ursuline's A to Z fondue
Useful duration zones
UUNet fuzes doornails.
Zealous fist, rude noun.
Zealous, if rude to nuns.
Zealous? If unsure, don't.

Many more are possible, if one had the time.