Straw Totem

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Thu, 09 Sep 1999 13:31:31 -0500

Joe, could you and Brother Tom get together for a vowel/consonant exchange?
You may have a paucity of anagrams, but Tom's got way too many. Here are as
many as I have time to do.

Thomas Stewart
Asthma swotter
Ohms, terawatts
Smart as the two.
So, what matters?
Thames: Two-star
The worst atmas
Warm the stoats.
Wars, at the most
Watto's hamster
Wham. Attestors.
What a tort mess!

Thomas A. Stewart
Aha! Am worst test.
Amaretto's swath
Am Atwater's host.
Amos Hatswatter
Am worst at hates.
As to seat: warmth
Eat smart? So what?
Eats oats: warmth
Hates warm toast.
Hatteras w/ moats
Has mate, at worst.
Martha's oat stew
Mash rats. Eat two.
Matthew's aortas
Mattress. Two. Aah.
Mothra was a test.
Oar-swat the mast.
Ottawa hamsters
Rat steam. So what?
Rotate what mass?
Same as "to thwart".
Saw atom's threat.
Saw "Meat", "Hot Rats". (FZ fan?)
Show me ratatats.
Smart as Watto, eh?
Smote a straw hat.
Somewhat astart.
So what'sa matter?
Start as what? Moe?
Swats "Atom Heart". (Not a PF fan?)
Tastes how, Marat?
T.E. Shaw stromata
That's a mart's woe.
That's a smear, wot!
That's most aware.
That's Stoma-Ware!
That was "maestro".
That was me, sorta.
That was seam-rot.
That was Tom's ear.
Thaw, roast meats.
The two amass art.
Toastmaster, wha?
Tom the Saraswat (You don't look like a Beltangady)
Torah's swat team
TWA rotates hams.
'Twas tsar at home.
Two tarts. A shame.
Wart as hemostat
Wash-O-Mat treats
Wassa matter? Hot?
Was smart to hate.
Was that Tsar Moe?
Was trash to mate.
We toast Martha S.
What a mort asset!
What a tarot mess!
What matter, Sosa?
What moa tasters?
What oatmasters!
What're stoats, Ma?
What toaster, Sam?
What treats, Amos?


Bonus anagrams:

Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations
Atlanta Urinal-Constipation Wall of The Gee-Whiz-Elect
Paw Geri Halliwell, the accountant-infestation zealot.
Watch painful swelling in the Aztecan toilet tool area.