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Yup. Maybe we will be seeing a game-company led burst of development in =
the computer industry. Gameboys that talk to each other. Hmmm, Are these =
things more powerfull than a Palm Pilot. Theres a GameBoy emulator for =
Palm Pilot, will we see a Palm Pilot emulator for GameBoy 2?? Will =
Nintendo end up competeing with Nokia???

Can anyone imagine running win98 in an x86 emulator on a sony =
playstation 2???

The thing that makes these games machines such strong contenders is the =
absolutely homogenous hardware they run on. When you write for =
playstation, it truly is write-once, run anywhere (assuming you never =
leave the warm embrace of your old chum, Sony). What scares me about =
companies like Sony and Nintendo, is that they are even more =
monopolistic than Microsoft could ever hope to be.

Games machines are trojan horses or virii. A number of years ago, there =
was an extremely well thought out ad-campaign by an Australian milk =
Monopoly. The strategy was to target kids, because once they acquired =
the milk habit, they were hooked for life (hmm ... 'mother-as-pusher' =
motif flits by). Anyway, every kid has to have one of these machines - =
theres really no option. So we have the games machine becoming a =
'must-have', like a VCR or fridge, at the same time as the games machine =
slowly increases its capabilities, it connections to the outside world, =
until one day ... bang - suddenly you have a household supercomputer =
connected to the phone, the tv, the cd-player and the dvd ... maybe even =
your plumbing. And all within the loving embrace of Sony, Nintendo, etc =
etc etc.

Now Sony, Nintendo, etc. etc. arent really open companies. Hell, if you =
want to try your hand at developing a playstation game, you need to show =
several million dollars in your wallet before they'll even talk to you. =
I suppose that fair enough. The problem arises when Sony controls =
absolutely what software will run on their potential home computing =
platform. At least Microsoft permits just about anyone to develop =
software for its OS.=20

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> I realize that not everyone might have seen this.=20
> Game Boy Advance will use a 32-bit RISC CPU by ARM,
> will be able to connect to a cellular phone, can
> access the Internet, including downloading games,
> chatting, email, has a digital camera accessory
> (not the existing game boy camera[1]) where a player
> can actually see the face of the person they are=20
> playing against.=20
> Adding communication features to a portable game system like Game =
Boy is
> expected to result in new kinds of network entertainment. In effect, =
> Boy Advance will be a personal communications terminal as well as a =
> generation gaming system. Nintendo Co. Ltd. Chairman, Hiroshi =
> sees it as a way to explore new areas of multiplayer gaming. [2]
> I was mistaken, it doesn't include a cell phone, just the connection.
> Greg
> [1]
> [2]