Re: FW: tropical diseases spread north

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 23:39:55 -0500 wrote:

> Joe_<< "Washington has been suffering a severe drought and is now being hit
> by thunderstorms - it's the same pattern. Perhaps they will finally
> get the message that it is time to do something about climate change." >>
> Like what - move the earth further away from the sun?

Well, you could order 30,000,000 of a tinier version of the Swan Palm or
whatever it's called (the clear blue /dingus/) with little fans on it and find
out how to attach them to bathing suits to narf off sandflies. The business
plan will be viable again in 7 years of sunspot cycles, too. Then there's
funding the Democratic Environment Compensator, or -experimental-
sunspot research, which I think still qualifies as over the top, even if
there's, not much...but SOHO flew for a bit.

Turbulent Erosion of Magnetic Flux Tubes

Authors: K. Petrovay, F. Moreno-Insertis
Comments: 17 pages, 11 figures

...and the reprints will have wide appeal with titles like that, of course.

You could plant a tree. With talons. In Brasila.

What about saving the electric power drawn by SETI@home,
perhaps preempting the next step with SETI@stun, etc. "Cripes honey,
that galaxy's swearing a blue streak in our version of TeX now."

Angst and implementation probably generate heat. If you could get more
people to act out violent thoughts and work through consequences with
a nice bsd-style script, that would be nice.