Re: PS-II spotting

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:04:06 -0700

Argh! Stupid Macs config site. Obviously if I have the dual
channel Ultra2, 2-channel card, I don't need the other one.
Or maybe if you use the first two 10k 18GB disks with the first
two mirrored and the second on it's own card, but I am not
sure I'd want to give up the 3rd ATI card. Hmmm.

It's funny, the cost of the machine came out to about $8k which
is extremely reasonable, but then I maxed the memory out to
1.5G and more than doubled the price--they use 512M simms ($8k).

Also, it says the Airport cards aren't available yet and the
500mhz G4's aren't shipping until the end of October. Not that
I have the money, but so much for instant gratification. I wonder
how long it will be before LinuxPPC comes out for the drivers
for the Airtouch card?


> ou have selected the following 5 options which require PCI card slots.
> - 3 RAGE 128 cards-AGP & 2 PCI - 16MB each
> - 3x18GB Ultra2 SCSI, 2-channel card
> - Ultra SCSI PCI card & cable adapter
> However, the Power Mac G4 has 4 PCI card slots.
> Please return to Build to Order and reconfigure your system.

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