Re: PS-II spotting

Comet (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 19:02:44 -0400

Chris Olds wrote:
> If we only talk about our sons as new gurus, we deprive them
> of women as peers in work that many of us love doing!
> </rant>

Yowza! The semi-lurkers are coming out in force on a basic human
cause. :-))))
How better can I express my delight on a mailing list?

(Pls pardon the over-reaction... I'm female, ya know!... BUT, all
things considered, foremost, I'm a three-dimensional human striving
for more.)

Comet aka "The goal of feminism should not to be more male-like nor
more anti-male nor to be unnecessarily pro-*mael."

*Kudos to E.A. Poe, a fellow Virginian.