Sony owns yo', baby

Udhay Shankar N (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 13:27:44 +0530

Found on slashdot. This *really* makes me angry. I can now totally
sympathise with "Swindler's Lust" [1] by Public Enemy...

In case it isn't obvious, I used to play in a band.


A controversial provision in Sony Music contracts is effectively asking
artists to sign away control of their official Web sites for life.

Sony Music has added language to its standard contracts that gives the
company ownership over an artist's name--as well as any variation of
it--for use as a domain name. Moreover, the clause is written as a
lifetime provision that would apply even if the artist and Sony part

"Sony and its licensees shall have the exclusive right, throughout the
world, and shall have the exclusive right to authorize other persons, to
create, maintain, and host any and all Web sites relating to the artist
and to register and use the name '[artist name].com' and any variations
thereof which embody the artist's name as Uniform Resource Locators (or
'URLs'), addresses, or domain names for each Web site created by Sony in
respect of the artist," according to a copy of a Sony Music contract
obtained by CNET


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