NSI does it (?) again

Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com)
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:29:39 -0400


Here's the nearly-verbatim text, unadorned. My adornments
follow in the next message.

Network Solutions scribbled:
> Dear (elided),
> As a customer of Network Solutions or one of our Premier
> Program members, we'd like to update you on three important
> items:
> 1. On September 18, 1999, Network Solutions plans to move
> to a new Web-based prepayment process for registering domain
> names. At that point, we will no longer accept NEW
> registrations without payment in full at time of registration.
> This new online payment method gives customers the convenience
> of payment by credit card. THIS CHANGE DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR
> If you register ten or more domain names per month, you could
> be eligible for Network Solutions' Affiliates or Business Account
> Programs. Under these programs, you may qualify to continue
> receiving invoices for domain name registrations. To be
> eligible, you must apply at http://www.netsol.com/affiliates or
> http://www.netsol.com/business_account.
> 2. Because you registered your domain name with us, your company
> has received a FREE listing in the NEW dot com directory. We
> believe the dot com directory gives you a unique competitive
> advantage, enabling potential customers to find and do business
> with you. Search the directory for your own business to see how
> easy it is! Go to http://www.netsol.com/directory to find your
> business. You can also click on "Update Your Listing" to search
> for and verify your company information.
> 3. Lastly, we are pleased to offer you a FREE e-mail account
> using our new dot com now mail service. Because it's Web-based,
> you can use it in the office, at home or on the road. You'll need
> the following information to set up your account:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>Login name: (elided)
> >>>>>>>>>>>>Password: (elided)
> Please visit http://www.netsol.com/dotcomnowmail to review all
> the features of dot com now mail and set up your account.
> Thank you for choosing Network Solutions to launch and develop
> your Internet identity. We look forward to serving you for many
> years to come.
> Network Solutions, Inc.
> the dot com people
> Copyright 1999 Network Solutions, Inc. Network Solutions is a
> registered trademark. The following are trademarks of Network
> Solutions, Inc.: the dot com people; dot com directory; dot com
> now mail. All rights reserved.
> If you do not wish to receive e-mail from Network Solutions, click
> on this e-mail address <mailto:netsolremove@integram.org> and type
> "remove" in the subject line.
> PLEASE NOTE: by opting to be removed from this list we will not be
> able to communicate to you, in real-time, on issues regarding your
> account.

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