Re: NSI does it (?) again

Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com)
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:57:19 -0400

And here are my snark-remarks.

Network Solutions scribbled:
> 1. On September 18, 1999, Network Solutions plans to move
> to a new Web-based prepayment process for registering domain
> names. At that point, we will no longer accept NEW
> registrations without payment in full at time of registration.

Presumably aimed at the squatters. I have mixed feelings
about this; I like being able to register something and
pay a bit later. But oh well; this could be a good thing.

I wonder how this is going to affect the other registrars.
Will they also have to pay NSI up front to get domains into
the master DB?

> 2. Because you registered your domain name with us, your company
> has received a FREE listing in the NEW dot com directory. We
> believe the dot com directory gives you a unique competitive
> advantage, enabling potential customers to find and do business
> with you. Search the directory for your own business to see how
> easy it is! Go to to find your
> business. You can also click on "Update Your Listing" to search
> for and verify your company information.

Read: "Now we've institutionalised address-harvesting! Isn't
that great?" I assume next will come a low-key service to
unpublish your listing -- for a fee.

> 3. Lastly, we are pleased to offer you a FREE e-mail account
> using our new dot com now mail service. Because it's Web-based,
> you can use it in the office, at home or on the road. You'll need
> the following information to set up your account:

Oh, Ghu. Save us.

> Thank you for choosing Network Solutions to launch and develop
> your Internet identity. We look forward to serving you for many
> years to come.

"We have many experts on staff continually thinking of new
ways to screw^H^H^H^H^Hserve you."

> If you do not wish to receive e-mail from Network Solutions, click
> on this e-mail address <> and type
> "remove" in the subject line.
> PLEASE NOTE: by opting to be removed from this list we will not be
> able to communicate to you, in real-time, on issues regarding your
> account.

"So we can spam you to our heartlessness' content, and your only
alternative will leave you liable. Ain't it great?"

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