RE: PATENT 5,878,155: Star of David Tattoo
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:51:42 -0700

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> From: David Crook []
> I've been working with BeastTech (formerly Mark of the Beast
> Technologies) for a while as a consultant. There has been
> some misinformation going around on this list today and I
> just want to clear a few things up.
> For starters, people are not going to be bar coded...
> ( ...snip... )
> Look for details on the BeastTech website, we will be rolling
> that out on Jan 1st.

Ah, David (droll choice of temporal name, considering the competition you're
up against), this should prove an irresistable temptation to the wandering
souls on this list. May the legions of FoRK pitch in zealously to see it
undertaken to an appropriate depth! In the spirit of lighting a fire under
the project, I've registered the "" domain name -- and, as a
sacrifice to the greater hole, I'll transfer it to you -- IF you're prepared
to deliver according to your word.

Or, should you prefer to be redeemed from this labor, it could be whoever
submits, hmmmm?

To the list, that is, the best creative proposal for the BeasTech website.
(Deadline? October 31, of course!)

Bleatings and conflagrations,

PS: Something about the triple-six mark isn't clicking with me. If
numerology's the way you want to go, identity-wise, don't you think "97"
makes a stronger statement? Just checking...