Alibi Agency

Mark Baker (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 23:59:53 -0500

Not exactly Net-enabled yet - but could you imagine what that might look
like? Hmm ... server-side anonymous email & forwarding service, anonymous
browsing & server-side cookie mgmt, privileged applets for clearing browser
caches & history, remailers, fake corporate sites and email addresses,
etc.. What a hoot that would be setting up!

They're franchising too;

With the pressures of modern life many of us have occasion to
stray from our long term partners and
dally with a brief sexual or emotional relationship with a
third party, this is often a short term
affair,inconsequential to our long term plans and
relationships, but with modern communications, and
media, it has become increasingly difficult to be able to
carry on such a temporary dalliance, without
risk of detection, Any chance of such a relationship becoming
public knowledge in any way whatsoever
can put an incredible strain on all parties
Family life, the home, business and children's welfare can
all be put on the line for what may indeed
have been a totally inconsequential short term flurry
of sexual or emotional feelings.

The Alibi Agency was established to provide a way out of this
situation, we offer a Service which can
help to protect your loved ones from undue anxiety, and help
to ensure the stability of a long term
relationship and financial security, by offering secure and
professional handling of "Alibi's" for you.