word of mouth; exponential growth

Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:11:56 EDT

Arrived in my mailbox today:

>Call 1 800 578 7453 when you get a minute. It's the customer service line
for Brown & >Williamson, the tobacco company. The initial recording is
unbelievable. Trust me.

I called. It is unbelieveable; trust me. So I sent it on to my closest
friend, then to everybody on the interoffice e-mail list. One said this was
the third time in two days she had received it; another said it was the
second time in a day he had received it. The latter spoked to the customer
service rep (pressing 3) and was told that the phone nmessage was about a
month old, and that suddenly in the last three or four days they'd been
getting an awful lot of calls.