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Sally Khudairi (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 11:32:29 -0400

Hey, it's all about the Pentium, Ro.

Lucky, indeed.

- S

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From: Rohit Khare <>
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Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 4:55 AM
Subject: Weird Al

>Some days you get lucky... and you find your luck aimed straight a
>fat, juicy target like a really big accordion.
>But for Al, hey, it's worth it -- proof that an architecture degree
>needn't lead _directly_ to professional ruin :-)
>I only remembered the engagement about 7:30 tonight, whence it popped
>up in my email as a reminder it would have been an apropos venue for
>Ernie's bachelor base :-)
>Of course, I was at the Gypsy Den, in Irvine.... and the show started at 7.
>Dash home, ring up mapquest, put on some pants, and hit the tarmac.
>Got to Griffith Park in Los Feliz by 8:45 -- and now, you have to
>realize the Greek Theater is up in the park next to the famed
>Observatory -- which means, what, 3-4000 fans and cars all crammed up
>a two-lane switchback. Parking at the entrance was $25, to
>So I scammed my way in. Confused the heck out of the parking
>attendant. ducked between two parking rows to a grove of trees behind
>the service entrance, scoring free prime parking. And after I got
>rebuffed at both entrances with my ludicrous proposition of trying to
>buy a lone ticket at halftime, and from the VIP entrances, and from
>the entrance by Al's two tour buses, I finally hit upon the
>crushingly obvious expedient of asking a departing family for their
>stubs -- and scored tenth-row seating!
>And as for the show, what can *I* say? It's the only "rock" concert
>I'll ever go two where I know every last one of the words -- and have
>enough pride to sing right along. If only this had occurred to me
>that long-ago besotted Tokyo night I was suckered into karaoke'ing
>Axl Rose...
>Finale was Fat, then an encore double feature, Saga Begins and My
>Y-y-y-y-y-oda... at which time, he suddenly interrupted the
>crescendo, and lapsed into Indian Classical teen tal rhythms...
>Yes, as astonishing as that sounds. The
>thika-thika-dum-thika-thiika-dum-teen-dum at, oh, almost 12Hz.
>Amazing stuff...
>Live from the third-floor sushi bar at Miyagi's,