Media Alert: CommerceNet hosts CommerceNet99 -- highighting the people, networks and information ess

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Media Alert: CommerceNet hosts CommerceNet99 -- highighting the people,
networks and information essential to shaping the future of eCommerce


CommerceNet99 is an invitation-only, two-and-one-half-day executive
where worldwide industry leaders, eCommerce innovators, forward-thinking
analysts and entrepreneurs will explore the strategic issues shaping the
future of eCommerce.

A keynote by Xerox PARC Chief Scientist and Director John Seely Brown will
kickoff the conference on Monday, 1 November, beginning at 6.00 pm.


For more than five years, CommerceNet has been working to make eCommerce
easy, trusted, and ubiquitous. And while eCommerce is still in its infancy,
it is aggressively transforming the way companies do business. It is driving
new technologies, alliances, business models, and organizational structures.
Through this transformation, solutions need to deliver tangible results to
ensure long-term success for businesses.

CommerceNet 99 offers unparalleled networking opportunities and focused
sessions designed to help businesses excel in today's competitive
marketplace. These sessions are led by industry experts who will engage in a
lively debate
and share their insights on the challenges of the future.

Scheduled speakers include:

- John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist and Director of Xerox PARC
- Paul Timmers, Head of Sector, European Commission, Directorate-General
XIII, Electronic Commerce
- Dale Hayes, Vice President Marketing, UPS
- Carla Hendra, President, Ogilvy One Worldwide
- Bob Frankenberg, CEO, Encanto Networks
- Bill Burnham, General Partner, Softbank Capital Partners
- Hal Howard, MS Passport, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft
- Rich Moran, Managing Partner, Andersen Consulting, Inc.
- Jerome Samson, Director, Technology & Business Strategy, Nielsen Media
- Vincent Gulisano, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder, Electron Economy
- J. Marty Tenenbaum, Chief Scientist, Commerce One; Chairman of the Board,

Select sessions include:

- eCommerce: Why It's Bigger Than You Think
- High Tech and Its Role in the American Economy
- Who is Really Using the Internet and What For
- The eMarketplace: Hype or Hope?
- Out of the Box: Demonstrations in Innovation
- Free, Perfect and Now - Dealing with the eCustomer
- eConsumer Behavior: A Japanese Perspective
- Who Are You and Do I Care? A Perspective on Offline & Online Branding
- Making eCommerce Sing: New Media for the New Medium
- But Will it Really Make Us Money? eCommerce Investments in Traditional
- Powershift: The Emergence of Internet-Enabled Procurement
- The Supply Web: Breaking the Chain
- They're Watching: Perspectives in Privacy
- Internet Stock - How to Become One, How to Stay One and How to Buy One
- eCommerce Unleashed: Mainstream, Mobile, and More

Additionally, participating venture capital groups will highlight eCommerce
innovations presented by select technology vendors.


Hosted by CommerceNet, the eCommerce consortium. Through its innovative
pilots, comprehensive research, and collaboration-driven initiatives,
CommerceNet is the forum continuing to lead the advancement of eCommerce.

1-3 November, 1999


The Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego, California


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