porn, heavy metal, and professional wrestling... the great arts of the white working class

Joseph S. Barrera III (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:09:13 -0700

I recommend reading this article in full.

[...] Like porn and heavy metal,
the two other great arts of the
white working-class,
professional wrestling is an
extremely static enterprise,
indisposed to all but the most
subtle tweaks to its basic


In short (or perhaps, more
accurately, in purple Spandex
briefs), wrestling is drag for
straight men, it's Wigstock starring
Hardcore Holly instead of the
Boybar Beauties. Its main
attractions primp and preen and
shake their greasy, Botticellian
mullets with so much histrionic
enthusiasm that they make RuPaul
look like a blushing wallflower.
And for suburban Joe Sixpacks
who never read Details in the
early '90s and thus lack the
quetero panache of their
big-city brethren, it's a
revelation. They, too, can
shine! They, too, can experiment
with fashion and express their
creative side and dream about
showing the world what bitchy,
narcissistic divas they truly