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Mon, 27 Sep 1999 19:19:11 -0700

> From: Eugene Leitl []
> In case you can read Chaucer as your morning paper's funnies, "Sir
> Gawain and Green Knight" can perhaps drive the blayde home:
> [...]

Just in case you *do* want to read news in Old English,
check out The New Anglo-Saxon Chronicle:

News for September (so far):

Anno MCMXCIX Hrfestmona
- iv d: Her in East-Timore ceosung sceawede t a landware geornedon beon
freo of Indonesiae rice, ond wear sar gefeoht gemang m landwarum. Ond in
fterdagum Indonesisce menn forbrnedon Dili e is East Timores heafodburg
ond forheriodon t land ond ofslogon manige menn, for t seo ceosung
cyede t a East Timorware wron unholde to Indonesiaa, ond in Jakartan is
wen t gif East Timor weore freo, anne a Acheh-ware ond manige ore
dlas Indonesiae wolden weoran freo ond weore wid unrice.
- v d: Her in Sicilian se fyrbeorg Etna onwac.
- vii d: Her ws eorstyren t Athenis in Greclande, ond hire miht ws
Richter 5.9, ond heo acwellede xxxii leode oe ma.
- ix d: Her in Moskvan in Russlande sum lg utbrstend e forbrc bol
maninga husa ond acwellede xciv menn.
- xii d: Her in Moskvan in Russlande sum lg utbrstend e forbrc bol
maninga husa ond acwellede clxxxii menn oe ma, ond sume secga t se mann
e lg a twegen utbrstendas ws sum Islamisc mann e wolde onwrecan sume
his folces e Russisce gulyftscipmenn ofslogon in Dagestane.
- xiv d: Her swie strang hweolstorm gehaten Floyd sloh a Bahama-iege, ond
in fterdagum he rann andlang sriman m Carolinum ond feoll great regen
ond deop flod.
- xx: Her seo seocnes leukaemia anom Raisa wif Mikhailes Gorbachev, ond he
r ws foresittend Russiae, ond heo lifde lxvii wintru, ond on xxiii dge
heo wear gebyrged in Moskvan in Novodevichimynstres lictune, ond r licga
Khrushchev foresittend ond Chekhov scop ond manige ore mre Russisce menn.
- Her ws heard eorstyren in Formosan iege ymb Nantou ceastre e tobrc
formanige botl in greatum dle re iege ond hire miht ws Richter 7.6 ond
heo acwellede mmc menn oe ma; ond in fterdagum wron manige fterstyrena.