Re: New 4K Associates site up...

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 07:38:24 -0700

At 3:44 PM +0200 9/28/99, H=E5kon Wium Lie wrote:
>2 bonus points for external style sheet.
> | <FONT size=3D+5 color=3D#000068><B>
> | Press
> | </B></FONT>
> | <BR>

Guilty as charged. I was planning on just snarfing the W3C/CSS-WG=20
"Core" stylesheet and adding a defintion for large, blue,=20
non-line-breaking headline text via a paragraph class, until I d/l'd=20
the text/css and fonud it was being auto-configured per my=20
user-agent, and if I wanted to locally tweak the sheet, I'd have to=20
install a similar bug-for-bug compatibility script :-)

>This stylesheet has been served in a form to avoid known bugs in=20
>your user agent's CSS implementation. Copying and serving this=20
>stylesheet to other agents may lead to unexpected results. Please=20
>refer to its address rather than copy it. */
>/* MacIE4.5 */

Now, heaven forbid I crack the Little Orange Book and cast my lot to=20
the wind hoping for the *Cascading* part to come true, so I can just=20
add my eency-weency additional large-blue-non-line-breaking rules in=20
the local part of a CSS file and see it all work together :-)