CNN's secret plan?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 13:15:54 -0700

Watching 30 mins of CNN this morning made me believe that there is a
secret plan somewhere:

* As a result of the Carolina floods, a lot of pets have been separated
from their human patents and in order to make it easier to find the pets
(or humans, goes both ways I guess) there is now a web site with photos of
the pets, story at

Then as usual they showed some random user typing away on a keyboard - but
wait - it was a next step cube - hmm.

* The next story was about Amazon's new merchant service where everybody
can have their garage sale online:

And again - as usual - they showed somebody browsing the Amazon site - but
wait - it was focusing directly on Tim's new book - hmm.

Anybody seen other signs?