HP Announces (again) their Chai suite

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endTECH.com)
Sun, 03 Oct 1999 08:41:14 -0700

HP announces (again) their Chai suite of low-memory intensive
tools. Chai was originally announced with MSFT to be the Jini alternative
using Universal Plug & Pray and HP's own developed JVM.



The Chai Appliance Platform is composed of software "building blocks" that device
manufacturers can use to quickly insert new functionality into an intelligent device.
HP's Chai Appliance Platform incorporates previously released embedded-software
products, such as ChaiVM, ChaiServer, ChaiFreezeDry, ChaiAWT, ChaiAppliance
Plug and Play and TurboChai, along with the following three new products:

Chai/e-speak -- enables intelligent appliances to participate in e-services;
Chai/OpenView -- enables devices to be managed by HP OpenView Network
Node Manager; and
ChaiFarer -- an embedded XML Web browser.

The Chai Appliance Platform includes the following:

a new release of ChaiVM (a scalable virtual machine for Java applications);
a new release of ChaiAWT (an Abstract Windowing Toolkit to easily create
graphic displays for devices);
ChaiServer (an embedded Web-based application server);
ChaiAppliance Plug and Play (standards-based spontaneous networking);
TurboChai (an ahead-of-time compiler);
Chai/e-speak (connectivity to e-services);
Chai/OpenView (device management using HP OpenView Network Node
Manager); and
ChaiFarer (a new embedded Web browser).

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