Dictionary of Drugs

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 21:12:55 -0700

The ability to understand current drug-related street terms
is an invaluable tool for law enforcement, public health, and other
criminaljustice professionals who work with the public. This document
contains over 2,000 street terms that refer to specific drug types or
drug activity.

Examples include:

. "Woolah," which is a hollowed cigar filled with marijuana and crack

. "Kibbles & Bits," which is a term used to describe small crumbs of crack

. "Rave," which describes a party designed to enhance a
hallucinogenic experience through lights and music

. "Skeegers," which can be used interchangeably with the term
"skeezers" and means a crack-smoking prostitute

. "Wild cat," which is a term for methcathinone mixed with cocaine

All terms are cross-referenced where possible. A single term or
similar terms may refer to various drugs or have different meanings,
reflecting geographic and demo-graphic variations in slang. All known
meanings and spellings are included. No attempt was made to determine
which usage is most frequent or widespread. Different definitions for
a single term are separated by semi-colons (;). The use of commas (,)
and the con-nective "and" indicates that the term refers to the use
of the specified drugs in combination.

For source information, please contact the ONDCP Drugs & Crime
Clearinghouse at 1-800-666-3332.