Re: Missiles of October - Part Deux

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 09:24:01 -0700

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> Well, they never let me get close to any missile stuff -- that was what the
> Missile Systems Division did, and I was in the Equipment Division. You
> know, we made, "equipment" (I wonder if other names in the running were
> "Stuff Division" or "Things Division"...) Anyway, I only got to play with
> air traffic control systems, "equipment" that is actually used on a daily
> basis, and hence far more dangerous :-)

I don't know, one failure on a ICBM intercept can really ruin
a lot of people's days.

Anyways, I forgot to include the two shots:

> After the Persian Gulf War they came around and gave every employee a
> "Scudbusters" pin... of course, this was before the reports that showed the
> Patriot wasn't quite as effective as the media had portrayed.
> - Jim

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