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Damian Morton (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 23:01:07 -0400

VPN with crypto at IP level would be a minimum to foil signal analasys
efforts. Im guessing but, as with the internet, the militaries' need for
distributed communications systems will filter down and put the phone
companies out of business one day :)

Which seguays into another thought... I travelled to Morrocco many years
ago, and was amazed at how many fortifications were located in the valleys
in the mountains leading to the desert. I was also amazed at how the
Morrocans prohibit internal movement of goods (sitting next to two guys
smuggling cassette recorders from one end of the country to the other). It
struck me that putting a fortification up along a trade route is an age old
revenue raising strategy. It now strikes me as ironic that the needs of the
military might just make such fortifications (in the sense of controlling
flows of goods) redundant.

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> VPN with crypto at IP level?