Re: MCI To Buy Sprint In $129 Billion Deal

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Tue, 05 Oct 1999 12:07:08 -0500

I could switch to Qwest, I suppose. Of course, then AOL or Microsoft will
swallow them. Anybody have any experience good, bad or otherwise with Qwest?

Qwest Countdown

* Automatic state-to-state rate decreases. Pay only 9 cents now
and watch your rate fall to 5 cents per minute. Rates drop 1/2 cent
every 90 days.
* 5 cent weekends.
* $4.95 monthly fee waived if credit card billed.
* 30 cents per minute, $.99 per call surcharge calling card.
* Home 800 Service 10 cents per minute, no surcharge
* Ability to call more than 230 countries, and upgrade to Plus International