Re: GPUs
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 15:51:15 EDT

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MS NBC has an absolutely glowing story on nvidia and their
256-bit GeForce chip which is supposed to be
more powerful than the Intell PIII. Their CEO, Jen Huang, is on there
about the next generation chip coming out in 6 months.
I hate these love fests that investment TV does with these companies. I
kick myself because I thought they were a cool company 2 years ago (even
though their stock is flat), but now they are going to pop-u-lahr too.
Anyone have any predictions? I bet their stock doubles to $44 in the next
4 months.

Greg >>

Take a look at TDFX's (3Dfx) year . . . . I bet it doubles in the next 2
months then crashes after Christmas.