Re: Hungarian translation skills out there?

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A corroboration, including some cultural background.

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This appears to be a quote from Exupery's "Little Prince". It used to be a very popular book, amongst the semi-educated youth of Budapest. The story is about a little boy-prince from another planet who falls to earth and subsequently befriends a fox. The story also features a Rose (a flower) who lives on the planet of the Little Prince.

Anyhoo here is the translation as best I can render it:

Farewell, said the fox. - And now I tell you my secret. It is very simple. It is your hearth that can see clear. Things that really matter are invisible to the eye.

"Things that really matter are invisible to the eye." Repeated the little prince, to commit it to memory.

All that time you wasted on your Rose, is what makes her so important.

>Isten veled-mondta >Isten veled-mondta a ro`ka. -Tesse`k, itt a titkom. >Nagyon egyszeru&quot;: j`ol csak a sz`ive`vel la`t az ember. Ami igaza`n >le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan. >-Ami igaza`n le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan-isme`telte a kis herceg, >hogy jo`l az emle`kezete`be ve`sse. >-Az ido&quot;, amit a ro`zsa`dra vesztegette`l: az teszi olyan fontossa` a >ro`zsa`dat.