Re: Translation

Robert Harley (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:19:01 +0200 (MET DST)

Koen Holtman wrote:
>Oh my. So all that was needed to crack the puzzle was to type "Isten
>veled-mondta" to a search engine.

Tried that in Altavista Advanced. It helpfully suggested that
"veled-mondta" should be spelled "veiled, monday" and gave a bunch of
links to Hungarian stuff plus one promising one to "Antoine de
Saint-Exupéry A kis herceg" but the link was dead.

Here is an independant translation by Ann H., an economist friend of my Dad's:

>Isten veled-mondta
He said God be with you

>Isten veled-mondta a ro`ka. -Tesse`k, itt a titkom.
The fox said God be with you, Here is my secret.

>Nagyon egyszeru": j`ol csak a sz`ive`vel la`t az ember. Ami igaza`n
>le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan.
It is very simple: "Man only sees well with his heart. What is truly
important man cannot see with his eyes."

>-Ami igaza`n le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan-isme`telte a kis herceg,
>hogy jo`l az emle`kezete`be ve`sse.
"That which is truly important man cannot see with his eyes" repeated the
little king so that he would embed it well in his memory.

>-Az ido", amit a ro`zsa`dra vesztegette`l: az teszi olyan fontossa` a
The time that you spent on your rose is what makes your rose so important.