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Wow, talk about putting the cart before the horse.
Can you imagine a 0.1 micron process (compared to
today's state of the art .18) with half a billion transistors?
WTF would you put on it?


Thursday, October 7, 1999 - 09:47 CDT

PlayStation 3 to Ship in 2002

Never mind all the excitement surrounding the PlayStation2, what comes next?
The Register has reported on a speech from Sony PlayStation head Ken Kutaragi
at the Microprocessor

Forum in San Jose, Calif., that discusses the future of the console. On the
table are more frequent upgrades, with the next version slated for release in

According to the Register, Kutaragi hinted at the rapid evolution of future
versions of the PlayStation and its chip. Right now, the latest Pentium III
chip contains around 10 million transistors -- the same as the first Emotion
Engine. Both are constructed using 0.18 micron processes, but as that process
is pushed to 0.13 micron and further, Kutaragi claimed, the next two
generations of Emotion Engine will eclipse Pentium's transistor count.

Emotion Engine 2 is slated to appear in 2002 and will contain some 50 million
transistors. Its successor, Emotion Engine 3, will sport half a billion
transistors embedded on the die using a mind-bending 0.1 micron process.

The next-generation of Sony's PlayStation development system is due in 2002,
and it, too, appears geared to tie in with the release of the second version of
Emotion Engine and PlayStation 3. Sony is describing the system not only as a
video game development system but also as the basis for creating real-time
digital entertainment content. Read the Register?s entire report here:

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