Re: Logistics, Linda, and Lifestreams

Dave Long (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 21:05:39 -0700

> > My AI flight-of-fancy is a system
> > that, instead of WikiNames, can use noun phrases and other natural
> > language constructs.
> Cool idea! But i'm afraid it may be dangerous to violate the
> principle of predictability.

With linkrot, or even editorial revisions, we may have less
predictability in current systems than we think. I've noticed that
traditional citation forms tend to combine both index-keys and
properties of the referent; that way even if one fails the index
lookup, it may be possible to find the referent with secondary
lookups. Better yet, a successful lookup which returns an incorrect
referent is detectable.

Anyway, the main impetus for this FoRKpost is that I went through and
eyeballed a subset of the WikiList of topics, and a good 90% of them
are noun-phrase-like. Many of the remaining 10% are assertions or
questions, so they might fall under the category of "propositions".

Is this distribution expected for a wiki-like discussion system,
arising from the WikiNature, or is it more reflective of the
patterns/xp culture of the more prolific WikiAddicts?