Testimonials: CommerceNet Issues XML-based eCo

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Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:20:38 -0400

eCo Testimonials:


Worldwide Industry Leaders Collaborate to Develop "Plug and Play"
Architecture and Building Blocks for eCommerce Applications

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Business Bots - Commerce One - Computer Sciences Corporation Europe - The
Drummond Group - Muzmo Communication Inc. - OASIS - UWI.Com

"BusinessBots, the first mover in dynamic exchange technology for universal
eMarkets, has committed to support and extend the eCo standard. Why? Quite
simply, because the future of eCommerce and eMarkets is at stake. If you
look into it, you'll begin to see why eCo could potentially have an
enormous positive impact on the US economy."
-- Moses Ma, CEO, BusinessBots

"Commerce One was pleased to sponsor and participate in the eCo working
group because we are committed to open, vendor-neutral XML standards in
electronic commerce. We are already applying the eCo architecture
specifications in our Marketsite(tm) marketplace platform because they will
enable it to interoperate with other Internet marketplaces -- not just
those built using our software -- to form a Global Trading Web that
connects suppliers and
buyers from all over the world."
-- Bob Glushko, Director Advanced Technology, Commerce One

"CSC and Ontology.Org were pleased to have contributed to the development
of the CommerceNet eCo specifications and to have participated in the
working group. CSC is committed to developing open, vendor-neutral XML
standards for electronic commerce in order to further our clients aims in
deploying scaleable industry wide B2B solutions. CSC clients are either
experimenting with or deploying a variety of B2B 3rd party vendor
solutions. It is often the case that within an iMarket or extended
enterprise, the different trading participants will deploy different
solutions based on feature sets that match their particular requirements.
We are keen to work with vendors to ensure interoperability among
platforms, thereby ensuring our clients can participate in eCommerce to the
greatest extent. eCo is an important step forward towards this goal."
-- Howard Smith, Director of Strategy, eBusiness, Computer Sciences
Corporation Europe

"eCo is a major step in the right direction. The initiation of electronic
commerce between trading partners can be much easier if they use the eCo
-- Rik Drummond, The Drummond Group

"The eCo Specification is an important set of guidelines for e-commerce.
Enabling discovery of markets, businesses and services on the global
Internet and within trading networks, the eCo Architecture provides the
metastructure for any e-commerce system to publish its e-commerce
interfaces. Interest in the eCo Project's Specifications has been quite
high. Muzmo Communication is looking forward to working on the next phase
in the eCo Project, including education about the architecture, development
of an implementation harness, and specification of a core set of eCo
-- Murray Maloney, Proprieter, Muzmo Communication and Former eCo Framework

"The eCo Interoperability Framework is an important contribution to
enabling global electronic commerce. CommerceNet's open, international
standard confirms the widespread acceptance of XML as the baseline
infrastructure for interoperability."
-- Laura Walker, Executive Director, OASIS - Organization for the
Advancement of Structured Information Standards

"The eCo Interoperability Framework Specification is an important element
in promoting global e-commerce interoperability. UWI.Com is dedicated to
providing thought leadership for e-commerce and is pleased to have been a
part of the eCo Working Group."
-- David Manning, Chief Technology Officer, UWI.Com