OBI News: The OBI Consortium Announces New Board of Directors

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B.K. DeLong, ZOT Group

Sara Shapiro, ZOT Group

CUPERTINO, CA, USA - 12 October, 1999 -- Advancing its mission to promote
interoperable solutions for online purchasing, the Open Buying on the
Internet (OBI) Consortium today announced the election of a new Board of
Directors comprised of executives from leading commerce organizations.

New OBI Officers are:

- President -- Monica Luechtefeld, Vice President of Marketing, Business
Services Division, Office Depot. Ms. Luechtefeld is responsible for
identifying and facilitating the development of customer-driven
technologies including Internet and other electronic commerce products.

- Vice President -- Mike Wall, Manager of Global Process Development and
Purchasing Process Leadership, Ford Motor Company. Mr. Wall oversees the
development and implementation of IT solutions that support Facilities,
Materials and Service Purchasing.

- Treasurer -- David Rice, Purchasing Manager, Supply Support Programs,
BASF. Mr. Rice heads the Purchasing Card program as well as various
supply streams and the Purchasing ECommerce Initiatives.

- Secretary -- Chuck Egerter, Electronic Catalog Project Manager,
Lockheed Martin. Mr. Egerter leads the rollout of the Lockheed Martin
Electronic Catalog.

New OBI Board of Directors are, in alphabetical order by organization:

- Nancy Burke, Director of MIS, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
- Richard Infield, Manager,
- Dave Liggett, Vice President, Epic Systems
- Gina Knight, Manager, Lexmark International
- Ravi Manikundalam, Manager, Microsoft Corporation
- Ammiel Kamon, Director, Netscape Communications
- Kevin Miller, Senior Director, Oracle
- Barry Carney, Director, VWR Scientific Products Corporation
- Dan Hamburger, President, WW Grainger

OBI Showcases Worldwide Implementations

To promote the interoperability of OBI implementations, the OBI Consortium
will hold the OBI Interoperability Showcase at CommerceNet 99
( 1-3 November, 1999.

At this event, select technology vendors as well as selling and purchasing
organizations will demonstrate OBI-enabled procurement solutions. In
addition to these demonstrations, the Showcase will launch the OBI
Compliance Program to ensure OBI compliance where it is claimed.


The Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) Consortium is a non-profit
organization dedicated to developing open standards for
business-to-business Internet procurement. The Consortium provides a
forum for standards development, education, and compliance certification.
OBI is managed by CommerceNet, the largest grouping of eCommerce
influencers in the world working to make Internet commerce easy, trusted
and ubiquitous.

For more information on the OBI Consortium, see