Re: Pakistan Hacker Club ?

sillyhead (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:49:00 -0500 (CDT)

Well, it wasn't a setup in any way. The guy who -used- to be my friend
got blackballed from our little circle of friends for siccing someone on
my box. His intent was not to get the guy caught, but to show him that he
wasn't going to get the channel back, not having an idea that my box was
hackable. And to go into more detail of the actual story, we didn't
report the guy (though I pestered the owner to). The FBI showed up at the
owner's door requesting info about the guy cuz he hacked some folks from
my box. A frantic call to me later and they had all the info they needed.
I know that the kid (well, he was 19) went to jail, but I don't know what
they do after that, though I assume you're right about him being deported.
And the friend who you seem to think set him up was 16 and just an irc
punk who actually goes to a M&S school and makes good grades, etc. He
just happened to hook up with the wrong group of people (the ones he took
the channel with). BTW, he was banned from the 'net by the courts for
association with they pakistani kid. What makes ME wanna leave this
country is those microchips they put in our pets nowdays.


On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Eugene Leitl wrote:

> sillyhead writes:
> > caught. He was not a US citizen, and I don't know what happened after
> > he was jailed (what do they do with folks like that anyhow?) Of course,
> Seems a bit hard, sending a guy to jail after effectively setting him
> up. Using the same logic, your friend should go to jail for entrapment.
> In fact they probably kicked him out of the university and deported
> him, likely barring future reentry. "what do they do with folks like
> that anyhow"?
> It's things like that which really make me think twice about staying
> in the U.S. Since the 70s, things are certainly getting harsher.